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Providing Wellness solutions through an integrated approach.

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Integrated Wellness Solutions

Integrated Wellness Solutions provides solutions for health and wellness challenges to optimize human performance.
Whether it’s playing with your kids, competitive athletics, or preparing for a life event, our dedicated staff of coaches are here for you anytime, any place, any where.

Integrated Wellness Solutions (a subsidiary of Integrated Wellness Concepts LLC) utilizes applied sciences and modalities to meet the needs of the rapidly changing climate of personal wellness.

Bridge The Gap

Between Telehealth and Telemedicine

Programming designed to meet your needs and face the challenges for optimal human performance and longevity.

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Tools for a Better Lifestyle

1 on 1 Virtual Coaching

Every client will receive individual one-on-one virtual coaching sessions. Whether you are at home or away, with IWS, it’s easy to train anywhere to maintain progress. Our coaches are accessible anywhere in the world and creates that conduit to your goals and performance.

A Dedicated Time

Every client will have an allotted time dedicated to ensure accountability and consistency.

A Customized Program

Every client is enrolled in a customized health and human performance program that encompasses all facets of health wellness to ensure they get results based off of qualitative and quantitative data collected.

Your Client Portal

Every client has access to their own customizable client portal where they can upload pertinent information relevant to their health and wellness and provides easy accessibility to all programming related materials.

Your Personal Team

Every client will have their own health and wellness “team.” We work with other allied health and wellness professionals to meet the needs of our clients. This ensures that our programs meet the challenges of existing or pre-existing conditions to maximize results and longevity.

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Integrated Wellness Solutions

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Want To Bring Integrated Wellness Solutions to your company or organization?

Inquire about our Corporate Wellness Programs

Integrated Wellness Solutions collaborates with companies and organizations to create a wellness platform designed to decrease turnover, increase morale and productivity, and maximize life in and out of the workplace. With the social climate rapidly changing, we can design programs to meet the needs of your employees anywhere in the world! For more information, please email us!